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Master Your Inner Musician with a Quality Instrument

In a recent article I described how Astute St Leonards was helping owners of classic cars to enjoy their assets by getting them roadworthy and usable. We are also doing a similar thing for another joy of life: musical instruments.

Over recent months, Astute St Leonards has partnered with two local businesses to help them grow their business by providing financial packages for string instruments and pianos, two very popular ways to make music, in fact as a child my parents encouraged my brothers and I to take up a musical instrument. We ended up enjoying automotive machines rather than musical instruments!

I was introduced to North Shore Strings last year who provide high quality violins, violas and cellos. They not only sell and service instruments from a wide range of suppliers, however they also make their own high quality instruments, notably violins! North Shore Strings are based in Alfred Street, North Sydney and work closely with many schools providing their students with a range of instruments, some that become that foundation of a musical career. Astute St Leonards has developed a finance package that starts around $5,000 and is cheaper than credit card or buy now pay later systems.

Around the corner from our base in St Leonards is the Steinway Gallery providing sales and service of premium pianos. Everyone has heard of Steinway, however, did you know they have two other brands: Boston & Essex? These pianos are made from the same materials and in the same way as a Steinway but at a mid-range price point. They are the perfect way to step into the market for a quality piano. Again, Astute St Leonards has the ability to provide a personal loan package at a cheaper rate than credit card and we would work with the gallery to ensure that all requirements are met.

For a Steinway, an option maybe to use some of the equity built up in your property and with amazingly low interest rates at the moment, now is the time to use it and enjoy the highest quality piano available.

So, if you are looking to purchase a quality piano or string instrument, talk with Astute St Leonards first and we can get pre-approval. From there it is simply a matter of choosing the right instrument and that is when the experts come in to advise on what is available. We would be happy to facilitate an introduction so you too can have a joy of life: musical instruments.