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Madison Wells is a Sydney based organisation providing advisory services centred on governance – both corporate and technological – plus revenue and cost management suitable for all sizes of enterprises.

The advisory services are designed to be holistic and not based on one single function. Good governance will connect and collaborate with many functions and Madison Wells will ensure that any analysis does not avoid related topics. Therefore our customers receive a balanced input for their decision making.

Madison Wells can implement robust governance frameworks to act as a strong foundation for a growing or expanding company. Our services include strategy and risk mapping as well as developing processes to help corporates meet their compliance requirements. In addition, Madison Wells can supply technologies that complement the governance framework to ensure a better relationship between the advisory board and the management.

Madison Wells can also implement advisory boards that are fluid rather than the traditional rigidity of a normal governance board. The benefit for any organisation is that the advisors can be swapped out as and when the skill set requirement changes. A rigid board can create more problems than they solve simply because they do not have access to the right skills at the right time! Today’s organisations need boards with more than legal and finance!

A key requirement for any organisation is to keep costs and revenue under control and Madison Wells can help to provide financial information for non-financial managers enabling a wider understanding within the entity, thus making decisions more effective and reliable. Click here to see a description of the Jazoodle Business Health Dashboard.

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