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Madison Wells - for governance revenue cost management

Madison Wells is a Sydney based organisation providing advisory services centred on governance, revenue/cost management and finance broking services.

The advisory services are designed to be holistic and not based on one single function. Good governance will connect and collaborate with many functions and Madison Wells ensures that all analysis covers related topics. Therefore our customers receive a balanced input for their decision making.

Astute St Leonards

Madison Wells trades as Astute St Leonards for our financing business. We are accredited with a wide range of lenders and can provide mortgages/home loans, vehicle and asset loans plus unsecured personal loans. Choose Astute St Leonards for all your finance needs.


Madison Wells can implement robust governance frameworks to act as a strong foundation for a growing or expanding company. Our services include strategy and risk mapping as well as developing processes to help corporates meet their compliance requirements. In addition, Madison Wells supplies complementary technologies that ensure a better relationship between the advisory board and the management.

Madison Wells can also implement problem solving advisory boards that are fluid rather than the traditional rigidity of a normal governance board. The benefit for any organisation is that the advisors can be swapped out as and when the skill set requirement changes.

Revenue and Cost Management

A key requirement for any organisation is to keep costs and revenue under control and Madison Wells can help to improve the policy, process and functions within your organisation. This is focused on two important levers: Revenue (up) and Costs (down).

Madison Wells is pleased to announce a partnership with Finport to aid small to medium sized businesses with their trade finance when importing products for sale in Australia. Talk to us about how we can help facilitate an improvement to your cash flows.

Eco Materials Pty Ltd

Madison Wells is also a co-founder of Eco Materials Pty Ltd, focusing on replacing single-use plastics with eco-friendly alternatives developed from plant-based ingredients. The current range includes soluble bags and face masks, freezer2oven food trays and even mushroom based packaging.

Technology Partners:

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