Welcome to Madison Wells Pty Ltd

Madison Wells is a Sydney based company providing governance, revenue and cost management advisory services to all sizes of enterprises.

The advisory services are designed to be holistic and not based on one single function. Good governance will connect and collaborate with many functions and Madison Wells will ensure that the analysis does not avoid related topics. Therefore our customers receive a balanced input for their decision making.

The #1 Data Governance Suite

Every business collects data and it is imperative that it is secure and used efficiently throughout its lifecycle. Consequently, Madison Wells uses the full range of Informatica Data Governance technologies within our technology governance services. Madison Wells can find the data within your organisation, catalogue it and will provide a governance framework to suit.
Subsequently, Madison Wells will show how and where data is used and will provide recommendations for further improvement!

Madison Wells uses Jazoodle!

Developed in Australia, the Jazoodle dashboard is recommended for companies using the Xero accounting package. Above all, Jazoodle will help with the governance, revenue and cost management of an organisation by showing financial trends with traffic light reports. This, along with some modelling tools, enables better forecasting for all levels of management.
In today’s economic climate, all business owners should know where they can make improvements. As a result, Jazoodle will easily show where the improvements can be made – and in an understandable format for everyone.

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or email: stephen@madisonwells.com.au