Artarmon Buyers Agent

Our Managing Director, Stephen, is a Buyers Agent in Artarmon under the Leverage Listings licence and is registered with the NSW Department of Trading.

Stephen has lived and worked in the Lower North Shore area of Sydney for the last 28 years so knows every inch intimately and has seen the changes over the years as the infrastructure has been built and the area has become popular with a wide range of residents from singles to retirees and everything in between!

Artarmon Eat Street
The Artarmon “eat street” next to the railway station.

Artarmon currently has around 9,500 residents up about 10% in the last five years as the transport infrastructure has grown with easy access to freeways, trains and buses. The median price (as at March 2024) for an apartment is $1M and $3.7M for a house with all the apartments located within walking distance of all transport options. In teh last year prices have risen 9% Y-on-Y for houses and 6% for apartments.

For a suburb that is around 2.5 square kilometres in size, it packs a lot in with eleven green parkland areas, shops, restaurants/take-aways and easy access to a variety of entertainment options in Chatswood. It is also close to the hospital complex in St Leonards for those who work in medicine.

Many buyer’s agents promote that they can buy anywhere, however this simply isn’t possible – a buyer’s agent should know their locations like their backyard. You cannot do this if one day you are sourcing a property in Darwin and the next in Hobart. It is simply impracticable to know every market well. That is why Stephen only focuses on a small group of suburbs from North Sydney to Roseville with Artarmon at the core.

Find out how Stephen, St Leonards Buyers Agent, works by viewing the Buyer’s Agent Process here.

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