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A Home Loan With No Deposit?

Are you serious? Yes! With a Deposit Loan!

The finance broker arm of Madison Wells Pty Ltd, trading as Astute St Leonards, has partnered with another specialist to help more people get into a home!

One of the Biggest Issues Today is the Deposit

As properties get more and more expensive thanks to ever increasing competition for a home, it becomes harder to save for that elusive 20% deposit. Some lenders have provided 90% loans for a while and often these attract Loan Mortgage Insurance (LMI), which is a cost that the buyer has to bear.

Now there is another option that gets a buyer into a home using a Deposit Loan that tops up any savings to the 20% required. This means no LMI and a competitive rate across the loan structure.

Deposit Loan

The Deposit Loan Structure

The loan is split between the deposit loan and the lender who provides the other 80% to buy the property. The loans have a competitive aggregated interest rate compared to the main lenders.

A buyer can now get on the property ladder for just 2% of the property value (+GST) upfront. Remember, standard government fees (transfer duties etc) will need to be factored in. Like all loans, it is subject to eligibility and assessment. Lending criteria, term and conditions will apply.

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