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Deposit Bonds for Property Purchases

One option for property buyers is to use Deposit Bonds for property purchases. For example, for the initial payment rather than handing over their own funds. This is especially important when buying off the plan or a property to be constructed. In these instances, funds may be handed over six to twelve months before settlement. A Bridging Loan may not have the term length needed to facilitate the transaction, so a Deposit Bond may be a better option.

What is a Deposit Bond?

A Deposit Bond is in effect an insurance guarantee – the holder of the bond is agreeing to provide the full deposit on an agreed date. This helps with liquidating other assets to pay for a deposit or allows the bondholder to retain their funds until the agreed payment date.

Deposit Bonds were first created in Australia in 1988 by the local arm of Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), an insurance company. They owned a subsidiary, Deposit Power who designed the concept which has now gone global. RSA became known as Promina and are now part of the ever growing Suncorp business.

How to use Deposit Bonds for Property Purchases

An example would be: a buyer is looking to purchase a property and doesn’t have the full deposit immediately due to cash in deposits that will be available within a few weeks. They would like to lock in the purchase, so they use a Deposit Bond to pay for the deposit and then within a few weeks have their home loan and cash ready to completed the transaction. The buyer pays the bond issuer and the vendor separately to close all accounts.

Another example would be a buyer of a yet to be constructed house, using a Deposit Bond as the first payment to the builder. They then put their own funds into a high interest short term deposit account to earn some interest. This should match the term of the bond. It may be possible to cover the cost of the bond through the interest earned on the funds locked away.

Unlocking your finances with a Deposit Bond to make property purchases.

Risks Associated with Deposit Bonds for Property Purchases

As with all financial instruments, there are potential risks to be assessed by the bondholder. Firstly, the selling agent or vendor may not accept the bond. Secondly, if the transaction fails, then the issuer will expect the bondholder to cover the full amount of the bond. Finally, the bond issuer may not consider the buyer a good credit risk and may decline the application! Remember, the bondholder is borrowing the funds.

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