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Get Help to Buy a Home – Shared Equity Plan

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The media is constantly full of stories about people not being able to afford a house or an apartment and that most properties are out of reach of a larger group of residents. The reality is, is that there are a wide range of ways that someone can buy a property. One such plan recently introduced by the NSW Government is the Shared Equity Plan to help people buy a home.

What is the Shared Equity Plan?

As a single parent, older single or first home buyer “key worker”, you may be eligible for the Shared Equity plan where the State Government will pay a proportion of the purchase price of a property in exchange for an equivalent ownership share of the property.

The NSW Government will fund up to 40% of the purchase price of a new dwelling and up to 30% on the purchase price of an existing dwelling, in effect taking those percentages as ownership of the property. This helps the buyers through having to only finance the remaining portion which reduces the amount that would be needed to be borrowed. To help further, applicants need only find 2% of the purchase price as a deposit.

As always there is some fine print! The price threshold (highest price) for a property in Sydney or a major regional area is $950,000 and $600,000 elsewhere. The property must be occupied by the applicant(s). If the applicant is capable of securing a loan for the property without help, then the Government will not be a shared equity partner!

This initiative started accepting applications during the last financial year (2022–23) and will be in place for this financial year as well (2023–24). However, there will only be 3,000 places per financial year.

Who Can Apply?

The applicants will come from the following demographics:

  • Singles over 50 years old
  • Single parents with a dependent child
  • First Home Buyers who are “key workers”, namely
    • Police Officers,
    • Medical – Paramedics, Registered Nurses, Midwives,
    • Teachers and early childhood educators.

Single applicants must earn less than $93,200 pa and joint applicants must have a combined income less that $124,200 pa to qualify.

A Worked Example

An applicant wishes to buy an owner occupied property for $900,000.
The Government takes 40% – therefore $360,000.
Outstanding amount would be $540,000.
Applicant Deposit (at 2%) would be $18,000.
Maximum loan would be $522,000.
The applicant would need to cover the cost of the loan, legals etc, which could be $2,000.

How Can We Help to Buy a Home with the Shared Equity Plan?

Madison Wells can help in two ways:
Firstly, we can help you apply for a loan with the Shared Equity plan through our finance broker Astute St Leonards. This is a specialised loan with only a few lenders registered with the Government.
Secondly, we can find the right property that fits within the definition of the plan through our Buyers Agent work.

Book some time with me to discuss your requirements.