Trade Finance

Trade Finance, commonly known as confirming or purchase order finance is simply another form of working capital – one that helps smooth out cash flows. Typically used for import and export purposes, it can also be used for domestic transactions as well, helping any company that purchases product for further resale better manage their cash transactions.

Finport - the leading trade finance provider

Madison Wells has partnered with Finport, the leading trade finance provider in Sydney and unique in their support of Australian businesses:

Finport are the only non-bank provider paying 100% of the invoice

The only non-bank provider that offer terms of 120 days.

Finport invoice in Australian Dollars – removing the risk of exchange rate movements.

Fraud is reduced by Finport paying the suppliers directly.

Finport also provide one payment at maturity instead of by monthly installments.

Finport also have their own freight forwarding channel making them unique in this finance segment, further reducing the logistical risks many businesses suffer from. Their services mean one provider for many functions.

The Benefits of Using Madison Wells and Finport

  • Improve your company’s cashflow.
  • Loan amounts from $50,000 to $5,000,000
  • 100% of the Import or Domestic invoice paid up front.
  • 80% of the Export invoice paid up front.
  • Just the one full payment at maturity.
  • Limited security required – subject to credit approval.
  • 24/7 access to your Finport account manager.
  • Max 120 day term per Drawdown.
  • Repayments replenish available credit.
  • Remove Foreign Currency Risk
  • Simple repeat transaction process within credit limit.
  • Pay international or local supplier purchases.

Madison Wells provides a range of financial services and with our partnership with Finport, we are now able to provide the missing link to help businesses in this difficult economic climate.

Talk to Madison Wells today to discuss your trade finance requirements and help with your cost management – we are here to help!