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Self Managed Super Fund Property

St Leonards Apartments

A Self Managed Super Fund is a great vehicle to buy property in readiness for a comfortable retirement!

Many people have created a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) to better manage their retirement savings plan. This is a great idea when you have the time or an advisor to guide you through the extra paperwork that needs to be filed. Properly managed, an SMSF is a great vehicle to build wealth for future use.

However, many super funds have no property – or only one property – held by the underlying trust. Considering the cost of setting up and maintaining the fund, this could be a waste of the fund’s reserves. The whole concept of the fund is to increase wealth over a long period of time. The fund is under the control of the trustee(s) rather than a large third party super fund.

Super funds are split into two “phases”: Accumulation and Retirement. It is critical to ensure that the accumulation phase is as productive as possible. It is worth noting that there may be a short period where the fund transitions and both phases are active. The advice is always to maximise the accumulation!

St Leonards Apartments suitable for a Self Managed Super Fund
Apartments in St Leonards

Property held in a Self Managed Super Fund

Holding property long term in a fund is a great way to grow wealth over a longer period of time. Although a quick gain in equity may be made, some of that gain will be lost in taxes along with the cost of selling the property. Therefore, consider holding the property longer and using the rental income to pay down any loan required to purchase the property. The goal should be that the property is debt free, before you move into the Retirement Phase.

Many funds bought townhouses in the outer suburbs of major cities which at the time was a great strategy. However, there are some great value studio or one bed apartments close to the city that provide a good rental yield. This market, especially on the Lower North Shore is running red hot at the moment!
It is worth noting that with the current infrastructure boom around Sydney’s North Shore, the ability to rent out an apartment held by an SMSF is strong.

Financial Advice

It is critical to get advice when managing a fund of any kind from a licenced advisor. For advice on starting or managing a Self Managed Super Fund, please talk with our financial advice partner: Apexx Wealth.

Finance Broker – Self Managed Super Funds

Madison Wells Pty Ltd trades as Astute St Leonards, a specialist in providing loan structures for Self Managed Super Funds. There is a growing competitive market within the lending community for these types of loans. This is putting pressure on interest rates and loan policy – to the benefit of the fund and guarantors.

Property Buyers Agent

Stephen Wells, our MD, is also a registered Buyers Agent in NSW. He has access to a wide stock of apartments on the Lower North Shore with rental yields in the 5%-7% range (based on a 60% Loan Value Ratio). Talk to Stephen about the opportunities on the Lower North Shore by booking some time here.

In summary, a Self Managed Super Fund is a great vehicle to build wealth for your retirement. With opportunities to purchase in suburbs close to new public transport infrastructure, any SMSF will benefit from buying now!

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