Revenue and Cost Management

There are two main levers that any company can be moved to improve the bottom line of the business: revenue generation (in) and expenditure (out). Naturally, the focus is to bring more in than send out! Profitable revenue is critical to the success of any business and keeping an eye on revenue and cost management is a critical function.

Madison Wells can help move these levers:

Revenue Generation

Madison Wells is happy to discuss contract sales to help your business grow and enable the revenue generation to continue without the need of full time sales employees. This can be a huge cost saving in personnel, benefits, office space and equipment.

Using a state-of-the-art on-demand platform, Madison Wells can manage Australian based sales resources to deliver revenue targets in the most cost-effective way. All sales artefacts are owned by our customers and we can help with scripts or sales models.

This means that a business owner can concentrate on the business whilst the revenues grow. We are open to a range of compensation packages based on the life stage of your business.

Sales Management Functions

Many companies try and survive in their early lifecycle without qualified sales management and the associated functions of forecasting, sales opportunity lifecycle qualification and management of the sales cycle. Madison Wells is happy to discuss contract sales management functions to enable faster, more profitable sales.

Madison Wells can also help a business to define the right skillsets for new or expanded sales teams as the revenues grow.

Revenue Models

Madison Wells can advise on possible revenue models based on markets, technology and other functions. Revenue models might change during the life of a product or service and knowing when to make the change provides competitive advantage and an overlapping revenue stream.

The right revenue model will help any company looking for venture capital investment because it will help reduce the risk for any VC decisions.

Cost Management

In line with the Technology Governance services that Madison Wells can provide, advice on cost management is a key function that helps to uncover where the costs are flowing. In many cases, costs are incurred with customer relationships that may not be necessary.

Contract management and re-negotiations can be a great outcome of these advisory services resulting in improved cost management and increased revenues.

Jazoodle – The Easiest to Use Business Health Dashboard

Madison Wells is please to partner with Jazoodle to introduce their Business Health Dashboard to businesses across Australia.

Consider how your revenue and cost management could be improved and call Madison Wells!