The Business Health Dashboard for Xero

For all Xero connected businesses, Jazoodle is a read-only business performance and health dashboard, with indicative valuation and forecasting models created in seconds. Perfect for SMEs, not for profit organisations and startups/investors/accelerators or any organisation with an Advisory or Governance Board.

Jazoodle Makes Business Planning Easier!

Instant set up and insights

Your business performance dashboard is just 3 minutes away! Instant insights, easy to understand graphs and traffic light indicators. Once the dashboard is built, a base forecast is ready for you to use. Don’t waste time on compiling your data, Jazoodle will do it for you.

Indicative business valuation

Up to the minute current and future indicative business valuation complying with APES 225 guidelines. Modelling future scenarios also lets you see the effect these will have on your business value.

Business Forecasting

Understand your future business scenarios, model risk, and plan future goals quickly, simply, and plan different scenarios using our simple slider system. Each time you connect Xero, your base forecast model is recalculated – always forecast using your latest data and insights.

Madison Wells Recommends the Jazoodle Business Health Dashboard for Xero

Here at Madison Wells, we use the Jazoodle Business Health Dashboard for Xero ourselves to help us plan our business, understand the key levers that need to be adjusted to better manage the financial side of the company and to provide our accountant with a simple way to review our annual progress. As it is a read-only graphical view, we give it to our non-financial employees so that they can understand the business – a picture is worth a thousand words!

Talk to Stephen on 0412 166 815 or 02 8912 2139 about how the Jazoodle Business Health Dashboard for Xero will quickly connect and provide your business with a new view of your financials – or register for one of our regular webinars through Clickmeeting, they are a great way to learn about Jazoodle without any hassle.