The GOFAR Ray Will Save You Money

Madison Wells Pty Ltd uses the GOFAR Ray on all its vehicles. It is the perfect way to manage the efficiency of the driver to be able to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The GOFAR Ray is an Australian designed and developed telemetric unit that has three components:
An OBDI Connector.
– The Ray – sits on your dashboard to give a visual display.
– A smartphone app connected via BlueTooth.

The GOFAR Ray provides vehicle management, diagnostics and the overall health of the car. At Madison Wells, we use it for business distance tracking as well as providing warnings of speed limits and reminders for servicing, tyre checks and registration. The GOFAR Ray will fit all cars built after 2008 and is an easy installation!

This is the Ray display fitted to show the driver how well they are driving – keeping the Ray in Blue is the key to improving the efficiency of the vehicle!

Setup is simple and quick – we did it whilst having a coffee in our local cafe!

Here are examples of the app’s dashboards for economy, distance and emissions:

This is the product to help if you are a ride-share driver, a taxi or logistics delivery driver – in fact any company that wants to save money, wear and tear on their vehicles or simply wants to improve the driving skills of their employees will benefit through the use of the GOFAR Ray!

In the first three months of having the GOFAR Ray installed on a car, we found that the car was initially using 13 litres per 100 kms driven. The vehicle has two modes: Sport and Normal and we had set it to be in Sport most of the time. By using the Ray – and keeping it blue – we were able to see the difference in fuel economy between the two modes. Subsequently, we reset the vehicle into Normal mode for all use.

The result was a decrease in consumption from 13 litres per 100 kms down to 6.9 (as shown above). Over the first 2,500 kms that has equated to a saving of $256 on fuel purchases! So it paid for itself within three months of installing it – there are very few products that can give you such a quick payback!

Buy the GOFAR Ray here and start saving money on fuel and help reduce carbon emissions!

If you would like your car club to see the GOFAR Ray in action, please call Stephen on 02 8912 2139 to arrange a visit to your next meeting or conference call!