Digital Brand Management

Marketing has changed over the past decade and many companies have not fully utilised the new methods of customer engagement. Ineffective or uncontrolled usage can damage your brand – aligning your business with one or two social channels can also be dangerous, through no fault of the marketing team!

Madison Wells provides advisory services that will help your organisation with:

Defining the right mix of traditional and new marketing methods

It is clear today that any sized business can benefit from a hybrid approach to marketing. Using a clearly defined corporate brand, Madison Wells can help businesses with their marketing strategy and plans, working out the best way to reach their chosen market segments.

Defining the technology control points

As part of helping to define the strategy and plan, it is important to be able to define which technologies and services will be used to deliver the message and manage the analysis of the campaigns.

Growing and managing effective customer engagement

Madison Wells can help an organisation understand the customer engagement and messaging required to attract a following that is then converted into a customer base. This advisory service connects to our Revenue and Cost Management services – spending too much on the existing base is as bad as spending too much attracting them in the first place!

Risk assessments and public relations

Madison Wells utilises functions from other advisory services to provide a risk assessment of using social media to deliver corporate messaging. It is important to understand how to deal with a message that has been misconstrued or attacked by media outlets. Included in these services are an assessment of how to maximise the use of social media by the whole organisation in a controlled way.

Madison Wells is trained in public relations and can help put together press releases and other public documents that will help publicise an organisations offerings.

Social Media Management

Madison Wells can provide an outsourced service to manage the delivery of an organisation’s social media messaging. This can be done through a variety of channels, many of which are used by Madison Wells for their own digital brands.

Madison Wells also manages two successful digital brands:

Motoring Weekly started out as a weekly podcast in 2008, delivered primarily through the Apple iTunes service. In 2015, it was rebranded to take advantage of the growing reach of social media channels which are now used to engage with a global audience.
Motoring Weekly was developed as the antithesis of popular television shows such as Top Gear and The Grand Tour. Our content covers the history of automotive marques, the evolution of technology and the people behind the advances in design, materials and the industry.
With the industry in the process of an evolutionary branch in personal transportation, we provide analysis and comment on the future direction of technology.

The Drawn to Fashion site showcases artworks, prints and natural fibre products that have been designed and manufactured in Australia.

Recent Assignments

Madison Wells has been advising and implementing marketing, web content management  and social media management for a Sydney based prestige marque car club. This includes the delivery of content and membership management.

Drawn to Fashion has just released it’s latest project: the Zodiac Women – available in A3 and A4 sized posters.

Madison Wells has been advising a premier club in the city on new marketing ideas for improved member management and revenue generation.