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5 Great Reasons to Use a Broker

We recently created a series of four simple videos to explain the benefits of using a financial broker. If you haven’t seen it on our Youtube channel (with nearly 10,000 views) then have a look at the first edition here. In this video, I give 5 great reasons to use a broker when looking for a home loan or any financial loan.

Over the next month, we’ll show the other videos in the series! In the meantime have a look at our Astute St Leonards page to see the breadth of services we offer:

  • Home loans and mortgages.
  • Refinancing existing loans to a lower rate.
  • Finance for renovations.
  • Construction loans.
  • New and used car loans.
  • Car restorations.
  • Musical instrument purchases (talk to use about our preferred partners).

We are your local resource for all things finance, so start by learning the 5 great reasons to use a broker like Astute St Leonards.

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